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Snowdonia's flag







Snowdonia City is a tier 2 city, located in the North East. The city is a mountain resort city with many log cabins in development and a large commercial district.


Founded on April 20th, 2018, the city became a popular snow-themed city and a major commercial city in the North East. Most of the city builds were largely demolished in 2020 as part of an extensive renovation project, however the city was fully restored in 2022 with nearly all of its original features.


The city is located to the west of Flowing Meadows, situated in a large snowy biome, which was dubbed Greater Snowdonia due to being mostly owned by the city at its peak in 2019, prior to its restoration.

Travel Hubs

The following are a list of the city's travel hubs:

  • Monorail - This connected Snowdonia with Flowing Meadow's airport district and now connects to the North East Transport Department's rail network.
  • International Airport - This is located opposite the city square with access to front row plots, numerous city teleports and a taxi teleport to the market square.

Areas of Interest

  • Coliseum - Snowdonia's theatre, located in the cultural district of the city.
  • First Church of the Holy Noob - Reportedly holds the relics of the holy noob.
  • Garden of Remembrance - Celebrating 100 years since the end of the first world war.
  • Mount Romias - A large mountain overlooking the founder's hall and named after the founder of Snowdonia, LordRomias.
  • Snowdonia Tower - Located in the center of Snowdonia near the city hall and square.


The city is home to the Polar Bears ironball team with the stadium located on the east side of the city.