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The HelloMiners Wiki Project is a officially endorced and supported wiki by HelloMiners, ran by a dedicated team of volunteers from the community.

The project aims to document all history, both past, present and future of HelloMiners, in factors including the playerbase, cities, events, companies and more.

Wiki Team

Please use the official subforum or HelloMiners Discord to contact the Wiki Team and/or Staff Team for HelloMiners.

While we will awnser enquiries on here, it's better to use the forums and Discord server as a form of communication.

The Wiki team is currently (as of 13 August 2023) as follows:

  • Luc
  • Edgewurth

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a/correct the wiki page for 'X'?

While we could, and are more than happy to, we often have a large backlog of pages to make. You are perfectly welcome to create or edit any Wiki pages you wish, so long as they follow the Wiki Rules and Guidelines.